I created a new blog…

I created this new blog to be my “main” blog.  This is it; like Kum N Go convenience stores, I am going to go all out.

First, I want to be up-front about where my other blogs are:

  • My Tea Blog – I started this blog in the course of working on RateTea, because I had tea-related things that didn’t fall into the reviews I was adding.
  • Cazort’s Livejournal of Sorcery – This was my first online journal, started in the early days of the internet, back when you needed an activation code from another user, and before they were called “blogs”.  This blog contains a lot of discussion about my troubles fitting in during my years upon graduating college, and it also has a lot of random dream journaling.  Nowadays I mostly post stranger and more mystical things in this blog.

I also run other websites:

  • RateTea – Inspired by RateBeer, this is a website where anyone can rate and review teas.
  • Merit Exchange – On the back burner right now, but hopefully soon to start going again actively…this is my possibly insane possibly brilliant attempt to re-work the global economy starting on a grass-roots level.
  • Cazort.net – My “official page”, cazort.net is my personal and opinion site.  It’s generally where I put opinions, experiences, and informational writings that I would rather express in article/webpage format rather than a blog format.

Who am I?

I want to be really up front about who I am.  I’m Alex Zorach.  I’m a really passionate person.  I have a powerful and compelling purpose in life, and a vision of what I want to bring into being in the world.  I’m a rule-breaker and a rebel…I don’t do as I’m told and I don’t always say what people want to hear.  But I love people and I love life and I am here to make a positive impact in many ways.  I especially care about sustainability and protecting the environment.  I am a radical and creative thinker, and I question everything.  It’s hard for me to put my vision into words concisely, but I am hoping it will take form over time as I write about various topics.

I wake up every morning and see an almost insurmountable challenge, but…then I’m inspired by the words of Black Thought from The Roots:

But the sky’s the limit, I ain’t cryin you a river, got to move me a mountain, I’m a get up and shout it

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