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Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m Alex Zorach.  Thanks for visiting!  I’m on twitter; you can easily connect with me there.

I also run a number of other websites, including RateTea.  I especially recommend checking out RateTea if you are a tea drinker: it’s more than just an interactive tea review website: it has a lot of carefully-researched information about tea, herbal teas, and health.

My personal and opinion website is Cazort.net, which is named for my middle name, Cazort.  Nowadays I’ve been putting more well-thought-out material on this blog, however.

Educational Credentials:

I think the quality of most people’s work speaks for itself.  That said, some people care about educational credentials, so here are mine:

I am adamant about degrees alone being almost meaningless–it’s what you get out of your educational experience that matters.  Personally, I learned more academically at Oberlin than I did in graduate school.  And at every school, I learned a lot more from books, mealtime conversations, and contemplations while taking a shower, than I ever did in the classroom.  At Yale, I basically learned statistics, and how different the Ivy League is culturally from the other schools I have attended, and from the rest of New Haven, CT.  At Delaware, I learned a lot of things, including how to teach, how to birdwatch, and how to not come across as a complete eccentric.


2 Responses to About Alex Zorach

  1. Richard Spurgeon says:

    You sound like my oldest daughter. I really liked the sustainability post on your blog. I shared it on FB.

  2. Dear Alex,

    You know me as sousababy on Squidoo. I am extremely impressed by your body of work. Just wanted to see what else you write.

    Take good care,

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