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Completion of my 1-year Bird Survey of Phillips Park, Newark, DE

Starting last January, I decided to do a systematic survey of the birds in Phillips park, Newark (Delaware).  I followed the protocols of eBird, an online database of bird observations that is a joint effort of the Cornell Lab of … Continue reading

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Best Practices for Sustainable Tree Planting

Tree planting is a good thing, right?  After all, trees hold the soil, provide shade, valuable food for wildlife, absorb carbon dioxide and clean the air by breaking down various pollutants.  They can provide windbreaks which can lower heating bills, … Continue reading

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Fruit Trees as Edible Landscaping

Using fruit trees as edible landscaping is a wonderful practice that can promote sustainability in a fun and educational way.  The best thing about edible landscaping is that it can be done with minimal effort and resource use.  It can … Continue reading

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